our mission

Bring people the knowledge they need to make a difference in the world.

That mission starts here.

Glean was founded by a seasoned team of former Google search engineers and industry veterans, who wondered why we don’t have an easier way to find what we need at work.

In our personal lives, we have tools to help us find pretty much whatever we need. Why don’t we have the search tools we need at work? And that was the beginning of Glean.

We’re a team of curious and creative people who want to help each other get big things done, so we can help other teams do the same.

Our founders

Arvind Jain

Founder & CEO

Vishwanath T R

Co-founder, Engineering

Piyush Prahladka

Co-founder, Engineering

Tony Gentilcore

Co-founder, Engineering

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Our investors

We’re fortunate to work with some of the Valley’s leading investors.

Quentin Clark
Mamoon Hamid
Sonya Huang
Ravi Mhatre

Noteworthy accolades

Workplace search that actually works.
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