Why we joined Glean – Growing a global opportunity

Marcel Griffioen

Jerry Rijnbeek

Helping customers and optimizing their IT infrastructure has been our goal and passion for over 20 years. Working as a team, we always made sure to translate their challenges and requirements into a technical infrastructure solution.

We helped customers with data deduplication, low latency datastores, automated data protection, and helped IT organizations be more efficient, reduce cost, optimize performance or evade risks. Looking back, however, it’s interesting to realize that while these products made a difference in the lives of our customers, only a very select portion of the organization benefited. We’d never solved challenges that would impact entire companies and millions of employees across the globe. 

Until now.

Seeing the recent shift for the digital workforce while anticipating what’s to come in the near future, it is clear that how we work with information and knowledge has drastically changed – and still is. SaaS sprawl has resulted in a decentralized landscape of information. Combined with a more distributed workforce than ever before, it’s a recipe for frustration and lost productivity. People are struggling to find what they need to do their jobs and are reinventing the wheel over and over again. 

Seeing this, it was time for us to make a move – out of IT infrastructure and into end user delight!

Glean has already enabled more than 100,000 users (and growing!) across the globe by giving them the ability to search with real results across dozens of applications and data sources. With a combination of the best tools, algorithms, AI, data models, and engineers, we’ve created a platform that’s unbelievably effective and easy to use. Imagine typing any question or topic into a search bar and finding exactly what you need every time. How much better would your day be if you were able to work without ever having to spend hours searching fruitlessly for a document, message, record or person? 

This is why we’re so excited to be a part of the next phase of Glean’s global reach. It’s a thrilling opportunity to help workers throughout the UK, EU, and the Middle East to succeed in this new and complex digital environment. Here in our new Amsterdam office, we’re looking forward to talking about the good word of Glean with the world at large. 

Interested in Glean? Book a demo and check out the magic for yourself!

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