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Bring all your company’s knowledge together for easy discovery and navigation.

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Quickly find answers to frequently asked questions. No more copying / pasting or rewriting the same answers for everyone.

Intelligent. Search ranking surfaces the right answers, even for variations of questions.

Slack integration. Save answers directly from Slack conversations. Surface answers automatically with Slackbot.

Administered. Control which departments can see specific answers.

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Product Illustration


Organize a set of links, write useful descriptions about them, and share the whole package with the rest of the organization.

Discoverable. Collections appear in search results and can be added to answer cards.

Comprehensive. Aggregate links and documents across various apps.

Organized. Write customized descriptions about each item and reorder items as needed.

Go Links

Create and share short memorable links that make it easier to find common resources. Use go/benefits or go/pitchdeck instead of remembering and searching for long URLs.

Accessible. Works with the Glean extension and DNS based redirection.

Dependable. Our knowledge management software supports variable URLs, so you can get straight to the right ticket or pull request.

Flexible. No need to memorize dashes and underscores. Get to the right destination even if you don't remember the exact Go Link name.

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